Brother Empire

Penglai is pleased to treat Amber as a brother nation, a power almost equal in scope and grace to the perfection that is the One Centre of Penglai. In the Lucky Golden Treaty, copied in Vermilion, there are several provisions for Amber natives.


No Noble of Amber needs to Kowtow to any but the Emperor and those carrying his seal. Seal in this case means the object itself, not an impression of it. No Royal of Amber needs to kowtow to any but the Emperor, and he will never meet the Emperor anyhow. The ordinary citizens of Amber only have to show the mark of great respect if a Penglai Lord demands it of them.


There is a special bureau for handling Amber-Penglai trade. The House of Lucky Warm Sap Stone is situated in the City of Jade.


James Chantris is the Ambassador to Penglai. He has Guest Status in the Palace of Jade, and a ship, the Serenity, in Jade Harbour, from which he conducts business. He has been declared to exist by the Mandarinate, but he has no Embassy building. Penglai has recently sent the State Junk to Amber.

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