Black Road In Shu Fen

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The Overview

The Black Road is manifesting by fouling the Sea-Snake River, which is delivering darkness everywhere. There's a move afoot with Heulwen and Nyx (water-breathing types) to investigate that at the source. The Big Scene at the weekend will be investigating one of the main Black Road camps, but there are several smaller armies here too. Barbarians displaced by the Roadies, fragmented parts of the Black Road Army or corrupted wildlife/super-nature, and the troops of Liu Fong, warlord and not-currently-friend-of-Amberites.

Other than those two investigations - the source of the Sea-Snake and the Enemy Camp (with possible dragon) you're welcome to run anything that fits. Just let Benedict know what's happened, and post a log. Beatrice has a scene in mind with White Fang which will help our goals if it happens.

Liu Fong

What did you to do make Liu Fong unfriendly?

Amber's troops were ordered out of Shu-Fen to help defend Jade. Jade is still standing, Shu-Fen is in a very bad way. Liu Fong is still alive.


Could be friend or foe.

If anyone does run barbarian stuff, bear in mind that a) they too are fragmented, and b) Success should not be automatic and it may involve negotiating with more than one warleader… And getting barbarian stuck between Weir teeth.


It is monsoon season, and though it is not always storming, the winds are often strong and there is generally rain of some variety, sometimes seeming to fall sideways. Benedict has an army of about thirty thousand men, in various states of preparedness, armour and arms. They are camped around the 'specialist' troops - the heroes of Amber and elsewhere, giving the inner camp some safety. It is a warzone, and appropriate scouts and preparations are taken.


Corrupt monks, black road (river) creatures, wandering barbarians, deserters, anything you think fits. If you have an idea, run it and see.

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