Just one outpost of the Glorious Penglai Empire, Jade is also the name that most people associate with the nation. Amber made first contact with the city/shadow of Jade, and what was a minor trading post has grown almost large enough to challenge the Glorious and Auspicious City from the strength of the Chrysanthemum Throne, under the orders of the Shogun, the Sword of Empire. The Cloud Palace (right) is therefore infested by Penglai Spies.

The House of Lucky Warm Sap Stone, the Penglai organisation that overlooks Amber trade, is situated in the City of Jade. It is headed by The August Scribe of the Third Rank, a lord of Penglai, and the overseer of all Penglai's interests in Jade. However, the local ruler, Chanbara Yoroi, was not displaced, and he became Shogun. After many generations, Shogun Chanbara Teiko is a power in his own right.

Jade Customs

Jade natives avoid contradiction and as such visitors should never ask leading questions because the answer will always be "yes." This may be a 'yes I agree that you are talking', rather than a 'yes, I agree with what you are saying'. The word 'no' means directly, 'you are wrong, and therefore stupid'. Thus, to correct a stranger is rude. To correct the shogun is treason for a Jadite, and a potential Diplomatic Incident with spikes for anyone else.

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