Language Difficulties

Penglai has one official language: Penglai. However, each conquered shadow has added a lexicon and several dialects, and someone from the edge of the Empire may not understand the native tongue of someone in the far reaches. The thousand writing styles add difficulty, and a high-ranking Translator is always feted as a lynchpin of Empire.

Language Solutions

Pure Penglai is always used where the Lords of the Thousand Nation Empire gather, and Thari suffices as a trading patois for the barbarian. The Penglai that is spoken in most of the civilised areas is close enough to the Golden Tongue that it will be understood by all but the most august, whose ears are not sullied by impure words.

Game Meaning

Those who speak Thari should be fine in generic scenes. Lords of Penglai will need a special translator (Jade Lore or translation Gifts) and lots of flattery. Courts which are not headed by a Penglai Lord will vary, and may need a new language at the discretion of the person running the scene. There is a phrasebook available for the advanced student.

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