Manju is a shadow just out from Jade, which has its own culture influenced by powerful neighbours. It is described in poetry as the leaf between two winds.

The shadow is a swampy shadow with Malay overtones, and plenty of Borneo Pirates. After a recent rebellion, there is a high Penglai presence there.

Conversation on possible names.

Petrus pages: how do yixing and jiangsu sound? :) Petrus is a fan of the clay pots that come out of that area. :)
[Public] Caine says, "Cainechu?"
Petrus pages: those are real places, though.

Long distance to Petrus: Benedict might try 'Jiang-Xing', as being not too hard to pronounce.

From afar, Robin suggests 'Xianbei', 'Khitai' (both the names of various ethnic groups found there), 'Dongbei' or 'Guandong' (Romanizations of Chinese names for the region). Or it could just be 'Manju', the original ethnic group word for it.

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