This is an OOC page intended to file various NPCs used in the Penglai plots. While this knowledge may be come by ICly, this page should not be used as a source.

Chanbara Tserpah (Lord Den-Xing)
Has taken a Penglai name. His private name is Chanbara Tserpah. He is thirty-five, but has the appearance of a youth, being unlined in habit and disposition. He is educated in the Penglai manner, but may have been given a different sort of education by his father, who was the Shogun's cousin's half-brother. Although well-rounded, he failed the Imperial Examination, having too terse a writing style. He blends perfume well, and writes good poetry in a clean hand. He is a warrior of renown, handsome and successful. His men love him, his wife hates him.
Red Luck
A high-ranking official who talks with outsiders on behalf of the Empire of Penglai.
An August Female Mandarin of White Silk. Always keeps non-royalty waiting, ritually.
Soong the Magnificent is the son of an imperial concubine and the Shining Prince Genji. He is too refined to speak even through a translator, and so he uses other Mandarins to relay his words to the outside.
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