皇子 皇女 -The Huang-Zi and Huang-Yu Within the Cloud Palace (The Princes and Princesses)

Ranks (Class, Quality)

The Highest Cloud Hierarchy, like other Hierarchy, holds exactly nine ranks. Each rank is further decided into two: 正- Zheng (Positive, Correctitude, Right) and 从 - Cong (Follow, After). Only those who can trace their blood back to the Divine Emperor may ascend to the Cloud Hierarchy. (either by birth or by marriage)

The Empress and the ranked sisters of the Emperor holds the highest rank. The unranked Princes and Princesses are born on 正叁品 -Zheng San Pin, Positive Third Rank. The ranked Princes and Princesses would ascend to the different ranks of 亲王 -Qin Wang (benign kings), 帝姬 - Di Ji (emperor's beauties).


The princes and princesses have many teachers, and sometimes one teacher may have many students. To acquire a teacher and education in a given field is something worthy of boast by the Imperial Concubine and it is often a result of a combination of the Emperor's favors, one's family bloodline, background, powers, influences and economic advantages.

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