Penglai Law


The foundationstone of Penglai Law is stability. It is based on the sayings of the First Emperor, Wu-Fei, now a legendary figure. The wisdom of the Ancestors features heavily, and so does a brutal pragmatism that holds office rather than life to be sacred. Authority derives from the Emperor's Vermillion Pen, and a stroke of that pure red on a document makes it official. The Vermillion Word is synonymous with law, and is one of the few phrases containing this colour that peasants are allowed to utter.


Appointed Magistrates hold the strings of law, and make judgements on cases from minor arbitration to full-scale revolt. To a man, the Magistrates are well-born sons of Penglai and the most loyal worlds, judged as able by competitive examination. The Magistracy sits in a Tribunal, and oversees the services of a Coroner native to the largest local town, and a travelling Executioner/Torturer.

Anyone can bring an accusation to the Tribunal, but if someone wrongly accuses another of a crime, they will be left open to damages. In the case of capital crimes anyone who makes a wrongful accusation will be punished as if they have committed the crime. This includes a Magistrate, who is also tasked with tracking down criminals and crime. It is very much the case that people are disposable, but the workings of bureaucracy are sacred.

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