This is a list of various words and phrases used in the Empire, and what they are taken to mean. Penglai, especially Court Penglai, is loaded with symbolism.

Penglai (and everywhere)

See Zhi-fu. Any colour will be loaded with symbolism, just as any adjective will have several shades of meaning.
Dragon with two pearls
someone who is cursed with too much (conflicting) knowledge.
Embrace the Moon
To die in the manner of a famous poet who drowned while drunk.
Emperor's Seal
A phrase meaning 'no'. The Emperor is sacrosanct, and cannot press his seal to anything as worldly as Paper. In general 'Vermillion seal' is used when Imperial permission is required.
A number that is used to mean 'some'. 'Forty years of exile'.
Four Hundred
A number to mean 'many'. Four hundred years means beyond living memory, even if some people might live to be older.
A 'gentleman' — a properly educated man of good breeding, who therefore is the perfect mortal man. No less, but no more.
Advice given specifically as a gift, or a gift of advice.
A trope for 'mind-boggling large number'.
Tweaking the Dragon's Tail
Annoying Penglai.
The correct path of moral and philosophical education.

Jade specific

A scion of the House of Silence
Someone who has been deliberately silenced, or selected because they are deaf or mute. Discreet bodyguards.
Demon's Gate
The unlucky gate of any city, which varies depending on the chi of the area.
The philosophy of being willing to try out a new sword on a passing stranger

Other Places

Eat boiled bamboo
Take a loss when trading. Len-Shu has a lot of bamboo, and it is regarded as peasant fare.
The Secret Police of Baekje
Kacchuu Koodak
A Baekje martial art that concentrates on destroying organs
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