Taijitu is the set of philosophies that are noted as appropriate for the consideration of learned minds in Penglai. They all have some things in common, but are differentiated mostly by how they approach their central tenets. All will teach that the Dragon is perfection, the ultimate aim of the Empire of Penglai. They argue over what 'Dragon' means. They are also united in believing that the destructive force named 'Monkey' will be finally trampled by Dragon, the perfect being.

Iron Strikes Fire

Dragon is perfect only when static, or something like. While monkey cults seek for change. And have lots of funny names.

The Chain that Binds the Wind

A secret and perhaps banned sect.


Unity, found at the extremes.

Dragon and Monkey are so far apart they have no common ground. In their war against each other, they let no ground go unclaimed. They therefore represent everything possible.

The Rule of Law

Dragon has laid down the law, and monkey gnaws at it from beneath, showing as corrupt magistrates and stupid peasants.

The Mandate of Heaven

The Celestial Bureaucracy has decreed that as Dragon sits on the throne in Heaven, so the Emperor sits on earth, and must conquer all of the world that is in Dragon's shadow, to bring it into civilisation. Monkey is Dragon's jester, having been tamed already.

The Cycle of Eternity

Dragon and Monkey are beings of nearly equal power, and they struggle, chasing each other's tails. A Dragon Epoch is marked by peace and prosperity, a Monkey Epoch by war and alarms. This is the most radical of legal philosophies, and several quasi-legal sects have arisen that cause trouble from time to time.

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