Zhi Fu


Zhi-Fu is one facet of the great philosophy that everything must be in its place. It is to subdue, to check, and to bring under control what every member of the community is allowed to wear depending on social and above all bureaucratic status. From the Emperor, who wears the Vermillion Robes, to the lowest scribe who has a coloured edging on his local-cut jacket, there is a place for everything1. And, on pain of punishment, everything stays in its place.


Put simply, peasants may wear any colour other than Vermillion, and their coats may be any material other than silk. Silk jackets are reserved for Lords of Penglai and foreigners deemed to exist. A worm who wears any silk will be opening himself up to retribution.

Proscribed Clothing

Vermillion and/or Golden-Yellow
Imperial Royalty
Mustard Yellow
Truth-sayers - the Ministers of the Bureau of Criticism
White Brocade
Imperial Inquisitors. Do not cross these bastards
Grey, trimmed in green
Tax collectors
Unbrocaded white with coloured patching
Plain white
A mourning colour, suitable for anyone to wear in the appropriate cloth.

Proscribed Items

Silk Cords

Tax boxes
An order - take this and strangle yourself with it
Must not be cut - used for sealing areas
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